Our Name Pardus? what does it mean?

African Leopard (Panthera pardus) in Northern ...

African Leopard (Panthera pardus) in Northern Sabi Sand, South Africa. Italiano: Leopardo africano (Panthera pardus) in una riserva della zona di Sabi Sand, Sud Africa. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When deciding on a name for my company, I knew it had to be named after an african mammal, Leopard seemed to obvious, hence Pardus from panthera pardus,
Panthera Pardus: The leopard is one of the most adaptable predators in Africa. They are able to survive in many different types of habitats, taking preference to savannah, woodland, riverine vegetation and mountainous regions. Their beautiful colouration consists of dark-brown to black spots, which form the shape of rosettes.

And like the description above, Pardus African Tours & Safaris is adaptable, with preference for savanah, woodland, riverine vegatation mountainous regions. And like each leopard as unique pattening of spots, we realise each on of our clients have different needs.
A South African tour company specialising in destination management to Southern and East Africa. We are inspired by Africa and its beauty, and wish to show our guests what inspires us. We are passionate about Africa, its People and Wildlife. Our tours highlight not only the beauty of African life but also its cuisine.
Robert Swanepoel ( owner) has guided tours in Southern and East Africa for 10 years, he has a deep understanding of African cuisine and Culture, and an immense love for wildlife and the African bush. Robert uses a hands-on approach to running his business, and every aspect of a trip should be seemless and informative, however being Africa, Africa also has its own set of rules and time (Africa Time).
Our guides are hand picked and are well travelled and due to the nature of their careers they are good people, who are patient and have a love for Africa.
Pardus African Tours & Safaris offers private guided safaris and safaris designed to highlight Africa, its People and Wildlife. Our Itineraries are designed to provide you with an experience you will never forget.


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