What’s for breakfast?

Breakfast on safari is probably a special time for me. Depending on how early and where we are, determines what Is on the menu.
If we in a park, it’s a very early start, and probably still dark out, so a cuppa coffee and rusks(large biscuit) around a small camp fire, listing to the chatter of what my group that heard creatures go bump in the night.
Camping in the wild in Africa is definitely a special moment, hyaenas giggle, lions roar and elephants grunt around the camp, just to Mention a few.

So the reason for getting up early, is to go on a game drive, and the earlier the better, wildlife don’t wait for us to be ready, they are up all night hoping not to be eaten or hoping to get something to eat. And Africa at sun rise is beautiful, how else can I describe it? Serengeti, we saw lions mating next to the vehicle, leopard lying on the branch of a marula tree, and again lions…bring down a huge buffalo.. What more could you ask for?

And it’s about now that you ask, But What is for Breakfast? Buffalo? ..nah. We get back to camp around 10:00ish and the feast begins, bacon, eggs, tomato, mushrooms and baked beans for those who can brave the effects. Fresh juice and coffee.

What’s for dinner, you ask?


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