Marog – An African Spinach

The first time I had this vegetable, I thought it was spinach, and for all intense and purposes it certainly is in Africa, used as a traditional spinach. A Zulu friend of mine, took me out into the bush and started harvesting this plant, which to me looked like a weed. She was harvesting this plant with small leaves.
She took it back to the kitchen, and like spinach, placed the bunch of leaves in boiling water. And in a pan started frying up finely chopped onions, tomato and added the boiled leaves of Marog, salt and pepper to taste. This was lunch served with a good plate of Pap (mielie meal/maize flour).

The taste of Marog, is slightly stronger than spinach with a slight earthy and herb flavour, quite frankly better than spinach in my opinion.


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