Rhino Wars: The Documentary

Have a look at what others are doing to create awareness around rhino poaching

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Rhino Wars: The Documentary.

As the pandemic of Rhino poaching has gripped South Africa, its upto us, a group of young documentary film makers to investigate how and why this is happening. With an increase of rhino poaching of more than 3000 %( yes Three Thousand) since 2008 it is estimated that by the year 2024, there will be no more Rhinos.  Africa’s Big 5 in game will be Africa’s big 4 if we don’t make a stand against Rhino Poaching.

Our team together with the services of 2 ex US Marines takes the fight to the poachers and the syndicates.  We take a look at the black market, where the rhino horn trade is flourishing. With interviews with convicted Rhino Poachers and syndicate leaders in both the United States of America as well as South Africa, we go where no documentary film has ever gone,  the underbelly of the…

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