South African Accommodation Grading

As A tour operator we are always looking for quality accommodation for our guests on tour, In South Africa we rely on the Tourism Grading council of South Africa (TGCSA) to grade the various types of accommodation services in South Africa.

Of the nine main types of establishments that travellers can choose from – namely Hotels, Lodges, Bed & Breakfasts, Country Houses, Guest Houses, Self Catering Units, Caravan & Camping Parks, Backpackers & Hostelling facilities as well as Meetings, Exhibitions and Special Events (MESE) venues – those establishments that have been graded by one of the Accredited Grading Assessors who will clearly display the TGCSA Star insignia. Simply put, if it bears our TGCSA star plaque and certificate, you can expect outstanding quality and service excellence.

The quickest way to tell if an establishment is TGCSA approved or not, is to click on this website’s “Search Graded Establishments” tab and enter the full name of the Hotel, B&B, Guest House etc. If it’s not listed here – it’s not (yet) a TGCSA approved establishment.

“Besides those 5-cornered eye-catching symbols that are added to an institution’s name, TGCSA Star Grading is an official ranking that is recognised the world over. It is awarded once an independent quality assessment is completed and approved, which helps all travellers know what to expect upfront from an establishment like a Hotel, B&B, Guest House etc.

Local establishments are graded from 1 Star up to 5 Stars. With 1 Star being very basic in the facilities it offers and 5 Stars being a place with all the bells and whistles. But you need not be a triple-story plush hotel owner to be awarded a 5 Star Grading. When our Assessors perform a grading, they are mindful of the type of accommodation being graded. This means that it is possible for smaller B&B’s to achieve 5 Star Grading’s too – provided they meet the relevant criteria.

Simply put, our TGCSA Star Grading is based on your institution’s overall quality as well as the facilities expected from a particular Star Grading. So those 5 shining stars could be a lot closer than you think. ”

Pardus African Tours & Safaris offers a majority of tours based on these grades, and yes there is a difference in price between these grades, We have found that the price difference from 4 to 5 star grading is quite big, as you may have discovered by looking at our 5 Star Luxury South Africa Tour and the 3/4 Star South Africa tour, and for the average South African and Inbound Tourist the 5 Star market is out of their price range, but the 3/4 star accommodations are.

We believe that South African Accommodation in the 3/4 Star range are reasonable priced accommodation, offering in some cases 5 star service and have only missed out on one star due to some small criteria the TGCSA needs to qualify the accommodation as 5 Star. Click on the link below if you are interested in the list of Criteria TGCSA use to Grade the Various types of accommodation in South Africa.


Thank you for your interest in this post by Pardus African Tours & Safaris (Pty) Ltd, we strive to provide our guests with quality accommodation on our tours.

If you have any questions and would like to chat to the owner, his Skype address is Pardustours.



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