Private Safari Guide

So you have decided that you wish to explore South Africa, but couldn’t be bothered to google every aspect of the tour,  you have decided that the Self Drive option is for you, however you would like to utilize the services of a qualified professional guide for your own Private Safari. You can contact us and let us know what your interests are and we will provide you with a Professional Guide no matter what your interests are we will do our best to find the perfect guide for you.

The advantages are:

  • A Safari in your Language of preference
  • No hassels of trying to find the correct route to the best sights
  • No more hassels trying to find information on the area
  • A guide can assist with border crossings, which can some times cause unnecessary delays
  • By hiring a Proffessional guide may be less expensive than joining a tour.
  • If your interests are Birding, Cultures, Trees, Mammals or if your a Foodie your specialist guide will be able to lead the way.

Our guides will show you the Bizarre, the weird and the extraordinary that Africa has to offer.

Contact us and let us know what your interests are, language and which countries you will be travelling and we will find a specialist guide for you.



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