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Only 10 to 12 guests Guaranteed!

  • The small group philosophy means a lot to us. It is built into the very foundation of our company, of our mission, and of every tour that we offer. We are small company, and therefore we offer guaranteed personalised service
  • We will bend over backwards to make sure you get a value for money holiday
  • We offer small group tours, no more than 10 to 12 people per trip, which means that you are ensured of personalised service and responsible tourism
  • We offer the best of both worlds: the value, ease, and comprehensive itinerary of a group tour, and the freedom, quality, and service that sophisticated travelers demand, and deserve.
  • Each of our tours is custom-designed specifically for small groups, with a balanced mix of traveling, sightseeing, and cultural encounters. We make sure we set aside time for you to explore on your own or simply to relax.
  • In addition to the freedom, flexibility, and camaraderie that our small groups engender, you’ll enjoy more personal, authentic encounters while traveling. Rather than descending en masse upon a game viewing or rural village, we make a minimum of impact – so we have maximum opportunity for enjoyment, and for responsible travel. And simply because of our small size, we can move around faster and easier – leaving more time for seeing and doing.
  • Our small group tours include a great deal of thoughtful and engaging sightseeing and activities, from guided village tours, game walks, and scenic excursions to home visits, cultural performances, and wine tastings. In major cities there’s usually free time to explore on your own after a guided city tour. And unlike with many other travel companies, our tour guides will not pressure you to buy optional tours at additional cost. They will, however, offer suggestions for your free time, if asked.
  • On other tours we may stay in distinctive accommodations unavailable to typical tour groups, such as a home stay, private game lodges, exclusive camp sites or converted farmhouses. Some Exclusive game lodges will only take a maximum of 16 guests, which in a large group tour you will no be able to enjoy the tranquility and personalised service of the private lodge.
  • Since accommodations comprise an important aspect of your trip, we’re committed to selecting hotels that meet our standards of high quality, convenient location, and excellent service. From superb hotels in major cities to unique or historic properties too small for conventional tour groups, these hotels promise to enhance your enjoyment and comfort throughout your trip.
  • We design our tours to be highly inclusive, while still making it possible for you to exercise some personal preferences. So we include all the essentials – local air charter services or road transport, accommodations, most meals, extensive sightseeing – but leave some room for you to explore on your own or to enjoy a few meals away from the group.

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