Explore Inhaca Island Mozambique – Part 1

One of the five types of mangrove ecosystems f...

One of the five types of mangrove ecosystems found on Inhaca Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traditional fishing boat in Mozambique.

Traditional fishing boat in Mozambique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes it’s time to explore again, I am curious to see what Inhaca Island has to offer, so I have been trying to find out  where  to stay, how to get there from Johannesburg, and what there is to do (I guess I will find out).

The plan is do it rough, as I like to explore and see the view from ground up. It’s a nice way to get to know the locals and see how they live and to get a feel for the area.

We have decided to leave the Vehicle at home, and take the train from Jhb to Kommatipoort (board of South Africa & Mozambique) its and over night trip only, with NO SLEEPERS…. interesting concept, I suppose we could just fly there or take the bus. But I like a good train trip and I recon it will be kind of interesting, (remember to stock up on beers). Then from the border on the Mozambique side we have two choices Minibus taxi or train, I think the minibus taxi, as the price is cheaper and it will be quicker, not necessarily safer though.

So apparently we will arrive in Maputo around noon, wonderful, just enough time to explore the local market, see the famous train station and find our accommodation for the evening…(still deciding) however Maputo is not the cheapest city for accommodation, especially if you don’t want to hangout with the locals.

Next day we can cross the channel to Inhaca island by ferry, there are two ferry’s, a government ferry that is about R60 per person one way leaving at 07:00 or the Vodacome Ferry leaving at 08:00 for about R500 per person (and only operates on Saturdays and Sundays), okay as we are now travelling as locals do, we will take the Government Ferry.

Inhaca Island – I have made a couple of enquiries as to where best to stay, by the way we decided to camp for the entire week, and it seems there is only one place to camp, Manieco Camp… took a while for them to respond to our email, they came back with a reasonable price..

What is there to do on the Island, hmm, apparently there are places to go snorkeling, diving, fishing from shore as well as deep-sea fishing and then trips to Portuguese Island and Santa Maria….

I can’t Wait to catch a good size sea fish and grill it on a fire with lemon juice garlic served with fresh salad and garlic bread… When cooking fish KEEP it SIMPLE…

Anyway this is the end of Part 1… Part 2 will follow soon, after a concrete decision is made and everything is booked. At this stage only enquiries have been made….

Hmm what do I need to Pack…tips and tricks will also follow..

For those of you that are keen for a bit of a road trip and love to rough it on holiday – Contact me Robert@pardustours.com and join us, always good to have people along explore new routes!! It will be a week trip after Christmas..Over NEW YEAR!!