Poached Rhino?

English: a rhino in South Africa

English: a rhino in South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A serious topic in South Africa and Africa at the moment as there has been an increase in Rhino poaching in South Africa due to the increase in demand for Rhino Horn in East. The figures are increasing despite the effort of so many good people trying to prevent this horrific poaching of Rhino. A great NGO to support is the organization called Stoprhinopoaching.org, they have several projects going on at the moment to create awareness as well  as raise funding to educate communities. You can go to their website www.stoprhinopoaching.com and support them and get more information and how you can contribute to their plight.

Poached Rhino 2013 -483 reported cases to date and in 2012 there were 668 reported cases

Funds Raised by Stoprhinopoaching.org R1 078 946

Registered Supporters of the organization 13642

Please spread awareness and mobilize friends, family, colleagues and corporates to play a role in the fight against rhino poaching.