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As a South African Tour Operator we provide our guests with a tour that is both informative but also an experience that they will never forget, An integral part of the tour is your tour guide. We employ guides that … Continue reading

12 days South Africa Culinary & Wildlife Safari – Luxury

If you are looking for the best of luxury, and want to pampered this tour is for you.

12 days South Africa Culinary & Wildlife Safari – Luxury. (click Here)

Unique Safari – A culinary tour of South Africa

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Imagine a Safari that would not only highlight the wildlife and scenery of South Africa, but also South Africa’s Culinary delights, where guests can not only taste but also try their hand at learning to cook our various dishes on the trip. Included in the trip will be visits to local markets to buy local ingredients, a rural homestead to experience traditional preparation of African cuisine, game viewing at private and national game reserves, wine and food pairing tours in the Cape winelands, visits to top South African restaurants,  a visit to a local shebean to experience modern township life and food, and a chef to assist in the preparation and teaching of South African cuisine.

You will leave South Africa with an experience of a life time, a Unique tour that you can take home with you and share with friends and family.

Join us on this culinary adventure


Unique Safaris: See the Serengeti on Horseback

Connochaetes taurinus, Ngorongoro Crater, Wild...

Connochaetes taurinus, Wildebeest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For equestrian enthusiasts, there must be no more thrilling adventure than experiencing the great wildebeest migration on horseback. These rides are completely tailored to guests’ needs and skill level, usually lasting several hours. In addition to the herds of plains game, it is not uncommon to spot giraffe, eland, buffalo, zebra and elephant on these rides.

For the more experienced riders, our tailored Equestrian Safaris combine long rides exploring remote areas of Grumeti Reserves with wonderfully relaxing afternoons. The exclusivity of the concession means that your experience is sure to be unique and private; just you, your magnificent horse, expert guide and the enchanting Serengeti all around you.

Moving on horseback allows you to penetrate herds of zebra and giraffe, travelling among them as if part of the group. The pace is moderate with the opportunity for faster paced canters in places, and a choice of English, Western or South African trail saddles. The magnificent herd, mainly comprising Thoroughbreds and Boerperds from South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe, have been carefully selected for their temperament and range between 15.1 and 16.3 hands in height.

Contact us for us to arrange a horse back safari in the Serengeti

Singita School of Cooking

Singita Cooking School – have a look at this short video about a brilliant project As we understand that our guests not only require that their accommodation, site seeing and experience be a memorable experience, Pardus African Tours & Safaris believe … Continue reading

What you should bring on an African Safari

A sleeping bag. A corner of the black sleeping...

A sleeping bag. A corner of the black sleeping pad can be seen at lower right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A picture of a pair of Binoculars.

A picture of a pair of Binoculars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A multi-purpose pocket knife with all...

English: A multi-purpose pocket knife with all the blades visible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Photographed by Daniel Case 2006-01-20.

Photographed by Daniel Case 2006-01-20. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a list of essential items to bring on safari:

  • A good flash light.
  • Batteries for your flash light.
  • Basic toiletries – tooth brush, tooth paste, biodegradable soap, toilet roll, sanitary pads (for the ladies), Small face cloth.
  • Small towel/ or kakoi can serve as a towel and wrap around.
  • Swimming clothes.
  • One pair of good long pants.
  • 3 pairs of shorts.
  • 5 t-shirts.
  • 5 under garments.
  • 1 rain/wind proof jacket.
  • 1 fleece.
  • 1 pair of hiking boots.
  • 1 pair of comfortable shoes/ sandals.
  • Biodegradable soap for washing clothes.
  • Matches/lighter.
  • Small pocket knife.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sun hat.
  • Sun block/lotion factor 40 or above.
  • Mosquito repellant – a good make is called peaceful sleep you can purchase in Africa.
  • Mosquito prophylaxis – ask your travel doctor as this is normally a prescription drug.
  • Yellow fever inoculation certificate – ask your travel doctor.
  • Water purification tablets – just in case, however most water from taps is fit for human consumption.
  • Zip lock bags.
  • Water proof bag for your electronic equipment.
  • A good camera with zoom capabilities.
  • Binoculars.
  • A good book for siesta time or time on the long distances on the vehicle.
  • A good Sleeping bag.

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