Tips on Camping in the African Bush

 As most of the time when camping wild in Africa, it is important to note that wild animals tend to wonder in camp and are unpredictable,  safety is important to Pardus African Tours & Safaris and for our clients, so these are some important tips and guidelines to take note of:

  • Always set up your tent near the group in a circle around the camp fire
  • Leave enough space between the tents so that if an elephant does wonder into camp they have  enough space to walk.
  • Face your tent door toward the fire, and not right next to the fire otherwise it could catch a light and burn down with you in it.
  • Don’t fall asleep with your tent door open, predators may decide to move in with you.
  • Extinguish the camp fire before going to bed.
  • Should you need to relieve yourself during the night, always listen to hear if there are animals outside your tent, then look to see if the coast is clear, then do your business right outside your tent.
  • No food in the tent, during the day Baboons may just destroy your tent to get at the snacks, or at night elephants may decide your snacks are worth getting at, especially fruit.
  • Always have a torch at night,  and make sure your batteries are charged.
  • Dont Litter in Camp!!
  • Before going to bed, make sure all food stuff is packed away, hyenas love to come help themselves at night.
  • Dont leave your smelly shoes outside your tent, because in the morning they will be gone, hyenas and Jackals are expert pranksters.
  • If setting up a bush toilet, not to make it too far away from camp, but hidden from view so that fellow campers can’t see your business.
  • When using the bush toilet, burn your toilet paper in the hole, again animals like to chew on it, then cover your business with soil so that the next person doesn’t get a surprise. 
  • When packing up camp, make sure that everything is loaded on to the vehicle, don’t leave anything behind, you may need it at the next camp. Including your tent poles, they are super important to pitching your tent.
  • As we tend to camp wild, it is not allowed or recommended to walk out of view or out of the camp site, it will cause you guide to panic, always remember there are dangerous animals out there that can do some harm.
  • Don’t approach wild life in camp or outside of camp, remember they are wild.
  • Don’t feed the wild animals, they have their own food.
  • Don’t camp wild unless you know what you are doing and accompanied with a qualified and experienced guide.
  • Listen to your Guide.

At the end of the day Safety is of utmost importance, and these are a few tips to keep you safe and to preserve nature, and remember we are sharing the camp site with Wild Animals that are unpredictible. Our guides are qualified field guides and have the necessary experience and knowledge to guide people in Africa.

To be a guide at Pardus African Tours And Safaris you need to be registered with the Field Guide Association of South Africa (FGASA) and registered with the Department of Environment and Tourism (DEAT), as well as have the appropriate First Aid qualifications.




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